new manager training

Technical skills get you promoted. People skills make you a leader. 

Our 3-month new manager program levels up your people skills and gets you on track to be the leader your team deserves.

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giving and receiving feedback

They say feedback's a gift, but so are ill-fitting sweaters, nasty smelling candles, and those LifeSavers storybooks. So, how can you turn feedback from the gift no one wants to receive into the Instapot?

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team building session

For new or established teams. It's 2-hours of fun exercises that promote outside-of-the-box thinking, active listening and a deepening of relationships.

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"In the past five years, there has been a huge trend toward empowering employees and that has fundamentally changed what it means to be a manager."

written by Michaud Garneau

Intentional communication is key to avoid remote work fatigue

"you communicate “with” someone, not “to” someone. It’s equally, if not more important, to listen than it is to speak/email/video conference. And really listen, not just to words, but to actions, body language, tone of voice."

written by Michaud Garneau

"It’s not about kissing ass, it’s about kicking ass. It’s accepting the situation and adapting your behaviour to excel. "

written by Michaud Garneau

Micromanagement destroys teams — here's how to nip it in the bud

"You need to want others to succeed in order to succeed as a leader. It’s no longer about you, it’s about them." 

written by Michaud Garneau