Feeling weird about being a manager?

That's nrml.


Jessica Renaud 
Director Global Partnerships
Maple Leaf 
Sports and Entertainment

I loved the Modern Leadership course. It challenged my understanding of leadership, helped me identify my gaps, and gave me tactical approaches to improve. I was able to apply these lessons immediately. I can now better connect with my co-workers. I can give them feedback that is valuable, relevant, and helps them grow in the areas that they need most.

Boris Baitsov
Director of Consulting

An incredible and well thought out 8-week course that focuses on the foundations of the modern leader – values-driven leadership, fostering a culture of inclusivity and diversity and the coach approach. Michaud has incredible energy and brings a refreshing and engaging approach on what it takes to lead in the modern world. Would highly recommend this course as either a foundation or a build to your leadership journey.

The management sessions by WIN helped me become a better leader, improve my communication style with respect to other employees, build relationships and be more productive within my team. I have also improved my ability to become conscious of my attitude, identify behavioral styles and have better discussions with my teams.

Rahim Dinani
Big Viking Games


leadership is an act of creation

and, acts of creation are horrifying.

Leading feels really weird at first, but over time, it will feel nrml. Getting the skills you need to be able to lead effectively is one of the best investments you can make. 

As a people leader, you're the one who defines "what it feels like to be at work" for the people you lead.


Make it feel awesome for them.


our two to three-month 

programs take you from where you are to

where you need to be

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interviews with leaders and thoughts from the founder, Michaud 


“I would highly recommend Weird is Nrml training for any organization looking to build strong, collaborative teams while increasing employee engagement”

Katie, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at Fiix Software

Short, sweet and extremely powerful

Ben, CEO and Co-Founder at Feedback App

an unexpected and delightful experience, Michaud is an exceptional facilitator who brings compassion, joy and curiosity, and empowers participants to do the same

Steven Pulver, Co-Founder of Fireside Conference