• Michaud Garneau

The hokey-pokey.

Why do we think that pointing out what someone did "wrong", is the way to get them to do something "right".

If I told you, "don't sit like that, don't kneel like that, don't stand straight, don't run like that, don't walk like that"

You'd probably have no freakin' clue that what I really want is for you to do the hokey-pokey.

Further, you'd probably half-ass it because your focus would be on everything I told you NOT to do.

The hokey-pokey is a joy-filled dance and I just zapped your joy by telling you everything you did wrong but put you in fear mode.

Creativity is the hokey-pokey

Psychological safety is the hokey-pokey

Innovation is the hokey-pokey

Try this today.

When someone does something great, tell them, and then, they'll likely do more of that moving forward.

And that's what it's all about.

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